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(made by Mr. Andrew McKenzie of The Hafler Trio, spring 2009)

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a 'letter of authenticity' from the back of the wooden box.
Not likely to end up on Ebay this one - and if so, "I'll know it's yours" as Mr. McKenzie explained to me with a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek. I could only reply: "Well, if it does, we'll all know it's stolen, right?".

Working in with and especially on leather is not an easy task. Mr. McKenzie told me that he now has a machine to make logos and images on leather, but on this particular occation it was to small for the machine and it had to be made entirely by (his) hand(s). First results came out poorly (I''m told) so he had to make this one over and over again. I think it worked out more than well in the end and proves furthermore that he is quite the craftsman!

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